Y-Tech provides innovative, reliable, and cost-effective IT solutions and consulting services to federal and state agencies, nonprofits, and the private sector.

  • Our contractor went well beyond our original expectations and created a system that not only allows us to perform our daily tasks in a much more accurate and efficient manner, but is also an absolutely essential reference system.–Director, DLA Logistics Information Service, Battle Creek, MI

  • The dedication and superior abilities that you put forth over the last year is a major reason for the success of the MailHub. I am proud of your efforts in bringing many DLA employees and contractors…together working as one.–Chief Information Officer, J6, DLA

  • I am currently deployed in Kandahar, AFG and I just wanted to let you know the great support I have received from your staff! The time difference is another hurdle. I am sure your entire staff is a great group and have been willing and able to help every time I have needed them. The support we have received here at DDKA is a great testament to you and your staff!!–CIV Information Operations, Kandahar, AFG – DOKA

  • “Hannibal is so passionate about his work and Y-Tech, LLC. the company. I had a fun time seeing everyone from my interview and meeting some of the contractors – everyone had great things to say about the company, and I asked them to be candid…”–New: Y-Tech Employee