Y-Tech Testimonials and Client Reviews

Clients all over the world share insight. Their satisfaction is our top priority.

  • “Hannibal is so passionate about his work and Y-Tech, LLC. the company. I had a fun time seeing everyone from my interview and meeting some of the contractors – everyone had great things to say about the company, and I asked them to be candid…”–New: Y-Tech Employee

  • The Y-Tech dedication and superior abilities that you put forth over the last year is a major reason for the success of the MailHub. I am proud of your efforts in bringing many DLA employees and contractors… together working as one.–CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER, J6, DLA

  • Y-Tech identified ways to reduce the number of diversities of computer network servers and thus reducing their operational costs while expanding the virtualization capabilities of our day to day operations.–CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER, J6, DLA

  • Our contractor went well beyond our original expectations and created a system that not only allows us to perform our daily tasks in a much more accurate and efficient manner, but is also an absolutely essential reference system.–Director, DLA Logistics Information Service, Battle Creek, MI

  • I’d like to acknowledge Y-Tech’s SharePoint team efforts in accurately establishing admin privileges, contributor, and permission group access created for our distribution, safety, and inspection libraries.–Management Program Analyst, DLA Installation Support, Susquehanna/New Cumberland, PA

  • I am currently deployed in Kandahar, AFG and I just wanted to let you know the great support I have received from your staff! The time difference is another hurdle. I am sure your entire staff is a great group and have been willing and able to help every time I have needed them. The support we have received here at DDKA is a great testament to you and your staff!!–CIV INFORMATION OPERATIONS, KANDAHAR, AFG – DOKA

  • Y-Tech and SharePoint team, thank goodness for your diligence and not throwing in the towel, but fixing this ‘mishap notification’ related to our Human Resources Injury Compensation sites. You guys are winners and thanks for closing this ticket!!–ESAMS Local System Administrator, DLA Distribution, San Joaquin, CA

  • Thank you for solving our training link page problem due to the directory services folks consolidating distribution groups access, which affected my group’s permissions. But now because of your excellent work, my co-workers and I are good to go.–General Supply Specialist, DLA Distribution, Yokosuka, Japan

  • I just wanted to send a note regarding our Y-Tech contractor who has been supporting us the past couple of months. He was a true professional and quickly became an integral part of the DLA Distribution Bahrain team. He was well respected and he took great care of all of us. Thank you for providing us with the solid support – it is greatly appreciated! Y-Tech is welcome here any time!–Deputy Commander, DLA Distribution Bahrain

  • I would like to pass along my thanks for the great work our Y-Tech contractor is doing for us in Afghanistan. He is always available and always gets the job quickly and in the most efficient manner. He is a big part of J6 success “down range”. He is true team player and hopefully we can keep him around for a long time.–Director J6E Chief Desktop Support DLA OCONUS, J6 LNO to Disposition Services, J6LNO to CENTCOM/SOCOM

  • Many thanks for the extraordinary effort in responding to the Nation’s demand for DLA information during a critical event. Y-Tech’s support, dedication, awareness, and technical expertise allowed DLA to serve the Nation in an outstanding manner. Thank you!!–CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER, J6, DLA

  • An ‘Award of Excellence’ which signifies your support and commitment to the successful deployment of 2,500 servers. We recognize your efforts for having contributed technical expertise, dedication, and unswerving support to the Enterprise-Wide Windows deployment.–Director, EWASS PMO

  • Operation Enduring Freedom was the straw that broke the camel’s back with over one million hits per hour. During this crisis the NOC worked non-stop with the DISA, Verizon, and Accenture to mirror sites, splitting the traffic to three different sites across the Globe and resolved the band-width limitation.–NOC Manager, DLA-WPAFB, OH