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Conference and Expos dates and information:

AFCEA NOVA, 16th Annual Naval IT Day - 10/3/17

Naval IT leaders value the opportunity to speak at this IT Day because the venue is local to DC headquarters and the event draws a significant number of attendees, including high-level leadership from industry, academia, and AFCEA, as well as their peers in US national security organizations. Leaders often use this IT Day to break new announcements, such as new programs, new policy, and new organizational changes. In one content-packed day, business developers, business leaders, executive managers, and technical leaders have the opportunity to gain outstanding insight into the vision and future directions of the Naval Forces. Through interaction at the IT Day and from relationships formed there, attendees will have opportunities to provide feedback and ideas to these Naval IT leaders about new capabilities new ways to reduce costs. Of special note is the small business program which facilitates small business in making direct connections with potential teaming partners at a small-business-to-large-business networking event during the day.

JSP Cyber Security Stand Down - 10/11/17

Cyber Security Stand Down Day is an opportunity for all members of the Joint Service Provider to pause and consider how the decisions they make affect the Agency’s Cyber Security Readiness, learn better Security practices and complete required training and documentation. This stand down is being held in conjunction with the federal National Cyber Security Awareness Month #NCSAM.

CyberMaryland Conference - 10/11/17 & 10/12/17

The CyberMaryland Conference is an annual two-day event presented jointly by The National Cyber Security Hall of Fame and Federal Business Council (FBC) in conjunction with academia, government and private industry organizations. The theme, “Leading the Cyber Generation,” captures the event’s intent to provide unparalleled information sharing and networking opportunities for development of cyber assets on both the human and technological side. Additionally, the conference provides an opportunity for Maryland to demonstrate its natural leadership in Cybersecurity. The CyberMaryland Conference includes thought leaders from Maryland’s Cybersecurity sector and also features nationally recognized speakers and panelists on cyber and technology innovations. Sessions cover the most up-to-date information from thought leaders in all facets of the cyber ecosystem. The CyberMaryland Industry Showcase provides a full array of today’s top cybersecurity companies, prime contractors, small businesses, financial organizations, and educational institutions showcasing their products, services, and/or organizations.

CISO Cyber Security Awareness Forum - 10/12/17

In support of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, the Information Security & Privacy Group (ISPG) is hosting the annual CISO Cyber Security Awareness Forum & Training Exercise. Creating a culture of cyber security is critical for all organizations, including CMS. The internet is used to support many of our day-to-day activities and for many purposes. As technology improves, there is evidence that cyber-attacks are occurring more frequently and if they are successful, their impacts can be damaging. Knowing how to identify and prevent common cyber-attacks helps promotes a more secure internet environment for everyone. Our goal during National Cyber Security Awareness month is to engage and educate CMS staff on protecting information technology systems and data from cyber-attacks and to promote clear and consistent communications about cyber security and privacy protections.

National Reconnaissance Office Cybersecurity Day - 10/19/17

As part of Cybersecurity Awareness month in the Federal Government the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) is conducting a series of events to highlight the need for Cybersecurity Awareness in the workforce. Training sessions will be held in the J.D. Hill Auditorium and will be open to all NRO personnel and contractors with access to NRO HQ. The event on 10/19/17 will be the only event featuring an Exposition of current Cybersecurity products and services and thus the only chance for vendors to reach the NRO audience. The Expo will be held on the Atrium in the J.D. Hill Conference Center.

AFCEA NOVA Luncheon, Talent Management: Digital Transformation for the Warfighter - 10/20/17

Friday, October 20, 2017 – 11:30am to 1:30pm, Sheraton Tysons Hotel. With over 7,500 Chapter members, the AFCEA NOVA Luncheons are the best networking and business development events in the Metro DC area for defense and intelligence professionals – bar none. Large businesses – don’t be left out while your competitors are building the relationships and hearing the information first. Small businesses – get the exposure you need to succeed in the DoD market, plus the chance to network with partners large and small. Government/Military – hear what your peers are working on while you make vital professional connections. Our speakers are the TOP Government IT and C4I leaders – including Service CIOs, Acquisition Leads, and OSD C-Level Executives –and as their schedules allow they always take questions and network with attendees.We get them first so you hear them firstEasy to get to in Tysons Corner, the luncheons fill to nearly 400 attendees each month. The Sheraton Tysons Hotel has expanded their free parking and has enlarged their networking space – all because of the success of our AFCEA NOVA luncheons. The luncheon season begins in Septebmer 2016 and runs through June 2017.

Regional Technology & Cybersecurity Days at Peterson AFB - 10/25/17

The Cybersecurity Seminar and IT Expo is a one-day event held on-site where industry vendors will have the opportunity to display their products and services to personnel attending briefings concerning the latest updates in Cyber Security Awareness. This event will be the only FBC managed expo held at Peterson Air Force Base in 2017, making this an excellent and unique opportunity to meet IT personnel from USNORTHCOM, NORAD, Army Space Command, AFSPACE, USSPACECOM, and the 21st Space Wing all in one day.

Denver Federal Center Technology Day - 10/26/17

The Denver Federal Center (DFC) is home to over 6200 federal employees from 28 agencies, making this the largest concentration of Federal agencies outside of Washington, DC. There are 44 federal buildings located on the Denver Federal Center 623-acre campus. Some of the major employers at the Denver Federal Center include the US Department of the Interior (DOI), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Bureau of Reclamation (BoR), and the US Geological Survey (USGS). Other tenant agencies include GSA, FEMA, USDA, EPA, NARA and the FHA.

Regional Technology & Cybersecurity Days at Fort Carson - 10/26/17

The Regional Technology & Cybersecurity Day, organized by the Federal Business Council, Inc. will take place on 26th October 2017 at the Elkhorn Catering & Conference Center in Fort Carson, CO. The conference will cover areas like cybersecurity and emerging information technology products.

Society of Military Engineers Small Business Conference - 11/15 - 11/17/17

Pittsburgh, PA – The Small Business Conference gathers together leaders from the A/E/C, environmental, and facility management industries with federal agencies and the DOD with the goal of highlighting future opportunities for small businesses to work in the federal market and showcase the best practices and most effective strategies to enter and successful work in the federal market achieve growth, be competitive, and increase profitability at all stages of development build networks and create teams to successfully manage contracts and deliver projects/programs that meet the needs of federal clients and provide value to our country

Army S&T Asymmetric Vision/Decide Faster initiative Industry Day - 12/13/17 & 12/14/17

The Industry Day will be held at Fort Belvoir, VA on 13 and 14 December 2017. The purpose of the meeting is for Army S&T to provide some initial information on the Asymmetric Vision/Decide Faster initiative. The Army seeks to identify current and emerging technologies and/or projections of technology-enabled concepts that could provide significant military advantage to the United States (U.S.) Army during operations in complex, contested/congested environments between now and 2028. The desire and capacity to achieve overmatch objectives are already present and ongoing at various levels across the entire Army S&T enterprise as well as across industry. Optimizing these existing investments through increased participation of technologies in experimentation and demonstration events will enable the necessary capabilities needed to support future conflicts.